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Not really a great company to work for. Management has a phony demeanor about themselves, they say one thing and do another.

For a company that is extolling its virtues about being great people connectors, it's not really the case. I can see why people quit the job, and nobody really gets promoted. Site metrics are a joke and don't allow much in the way of improvement.

The training also is a little lacking in areas, and it explains why there are many errors on the job. Overall, it's a profit driven company, so their bottom line is money not people.

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Managua, Managua, Nicaragua #744368

Wow your analytical skills are extremely lacking in every category. Yes, they just hired me because I am ***, have nothing to offer, this is why they spent well over two months preparing me for the job wasting their time and money.

Nevermind, the fact that I spoke with several people who have been with the company and feel the same way. I know the bottom the profit driven businesses is money, if you had any analytical skills or did some research on the matter, you would know that it is these type of businesses that often have the worst reputation with people, so much for your "analysis".

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #744263

Sounds like you have little in the way of skills and are rather upset that this company did not recognize your (non existent)skills. And, by the way, all companies bottom line is profit-driven and about money, not people---else they would no longer be in existence. Or, are you unable to understand this simple fact of business life?

to nikalseyn #804279

I used to work for Sitel...didn't take long to figure out that most of the people who work there are ***. I've seen people do drugs in the bathroom , break tables ,outside and in the parking lot , even sell them with a supervisor sitting right next to them, even overheard a woman explaining to her friend how to pass a drug test using her child's urine...oh yes that is a place where decent people want to work...with a bunch of drug addicts and drunks.

NOT...don't be mad because your company SUCKS!!! Do something to make it better...or are you unable to understand that a company is only as good as the people it employs and obviously since your still there, you like to work with drug addicts and drunks who live in the projects and get welfare because the are LAZY and just work there so they can keep their food stamps, section 8 housing and so on.

Truth be told your probably one of them. I feel sorry for you...I truly do ..

to anonymous #804373

You're an *** if you think it's that way. Drug tests are one thing but as everybody who used to work there knows, you don't stay on the phones much less get paid if you are lazy and bad, and nope nobody there is on Section 8 housing. What a dummy you are, just like nikal, you are another ignorant lowlife.

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